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Asian infused spicy scollops


-500 grams fresh scollops, washed and de-veined
-Emelia’s Asian Herb Sambal
-1 handful washed rocket
-1 handful washed watercress leaves
-1 handful washed coriander leaves
-50ml Emelia’s Thai Dipping Sauce


Place the scollops in a bowl and toss through 2 teaspoons Emelia’s Asian Herb Sambal, put aside or do the night before to marinate. In a serving bowl mix together the greens ready to put the scollops on. Heat up a wok with a couple of tablespoons of oil to a high heat, throw in the scollops and keep tossing them for around 3 minutes, take straight out of the wok and place on the salad, drizzle scollops and salad with Emelia’s Thai Dipping Sauce

Products used in this recipe:

Emelia’s Asian Herb Sambal
Emelia’s Thai Dipping Sauce