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Emelia’s Apple, Pork and Sage Stuffing

A beautiful stuffing for chicken, turkey or a rolled pork


500 grams pork sausages
zest & juice of 1 lemon
2 large Granny Smith apples grated
200 grams dried apricots diced
1 egg
1 handful of fresh washed sage leaves chopped finely
1 brown onion diced finely
1 & 1/2 packets of stuffing mix
1/2 jar of Emelia’s Apple Sauce
1 teaspoon of each salt & peper


Start by squeezing the pork mince out of the sausage skin into a medium size bowl, add all the other ingredients and mix together well with your hands. This is a great stuffing to use in a whole chicken or turkey, stuff a rolled pork or make little balls and wrap them in prosciutto and fry them up in a pan for finger food. This stuffing can be made and stored in a sealable bag or container and placed in the freezer for use another time.

Products used in this recipe:

Emelia’s Apple Sauce